gro playlist 28/11/2016

galhammer (japan) – selfish selfless

f-minus (usa) – end of the line

plasmatics (usa) – corruption

hooky (usa) – penelope

no statik (usa) – we all die in the end

violent sects (usa) – this bar sucks

this is my fist! (usa) – wine and cheese

thorax (naarm/so-called australia) – the persistence of self-absorption

sick sad world (naarm/so-called australia) – xena

dogjaw (usa) – beauty

yokel (naarm/so-called australia) – punk sucks

bleed the pigs (usa) – justified

toxic lipstick (naarm/so-called australia) – totally 2 years ago

alien she (ireland) – cold brain

common enemy (naarm/so-called australia) – abuse of authority

drama (spain) – strong enough

appalachian terror unit (usa) – casualties of a rape culture

necklacing (nth america) – disease

dakhma (usa) – rien

graveyard orbit (naarm/so-called australia) – heliosphere

anti-dogmatikss (spain) – religion

last legion alive (europe) – out of the woods

fantails (aotearoa) – good cause for a piss up

d/l the show here

Library open for Mess The West Cafe Night and Skillshare —

The IRL will be open next week for Mess The West Festival! Our hours will be: Thursday 1st December from 7-9pm for the Mess The West Cafe Night Saturday 3rd December from Midday-6pm for the Mess The West Skillshare Day Plus the usual Sunday 1-7pm opening hours. The Cafe Night and Skillshare will both be […]

via Library open for Mess The West Cafe Night and Skillshare —


wildspeaker/survery the wreckage
witch hunt/blood red states
walrora/southern cross tatts
violent sects/the south shall never rise again
va’adat kishut/zvov
this is my fist!/voice from occupationland
thorax/deadly insides
the diamond sea/safekeeping
terror firma/these moments will burn
super8bit/kiss machine
state of minefields/know your enemy
scumsystem kill/hell hole
sacrilege/out of sight out of mind
rifle diet/just a phase
nu pogodi/lost mind,lost heart,the ultimate slave
lost world/double standards


mostly music tonight, but a call out for a radio doco we have in the works, looking for people who identify as women (in whatever way) for contributions in their experiences in punk, from when they were younger, your ideals and ideas, how that has changed over time to how you feel now, how you think that differs in relatiuon to gender and other factors and much more…
if you’d like to contribute please please please email us at

also breakdown of mess the west workshops

get into the show here

radio doco – want to be interviewed?

we are making a multi-part radio documentary about women’s experiences of getting older in “punk” (by women we mean all those who identify as female) – whatever that has meant to them. we wanna talk to people about why they first got involved in punk, in what way they got involved, what their experiences were as younger women, and how that has changed over time. why people are still involved or why they are not, what they get out of it or what they would have wanted. we want to know how broader stereotypes about women and aging have affected people’s experiences in “punk” – has gender affected experiences of aging in the scene? has “youth culture” affected other male friends differently? and lastly what would you want from a “punk” scene or community?


if you are interested in being part of the documentary please email us


we can interview people in person in melbourne or can also arrange interviews by phone


look forward to hearing your stories…