girlsradiooffensive 19/9/16

scumraid – propaganda

petrol girls – treading water

canine – sleepless

unsanitary napkin – blissful myth

threskirnis – where to from here

axillism – girl hate

gaze – who are we living for

insuiciety – in circles

kaliuga – time to change

garmonbozia – powerless in my faith

infantile dissention – pride and privilege

melchoir – she said dont make others suffer for your personal hatred

lost world – scum

nema – mundane

saturnine – death reaper

rhizome – world stops turning

totenwald – sex sells


this week we talked about the death of elijah doughty in relaion to the media interest/response and the psychology of racism in australia

you can listen HERE!!

mon 5 september

  1. melchior – body of water
  2. mama – xram
  3. makiladoras – verloren zaak
  4. kiri – above the hearth
  5. melt banana – infection defective
  6. sete star sept – resentment of you
  7. S.B.S.M. – joy rage
  8. romantic gorilla – ecology
  9. purusam – leave and forget
  10. pinchgut – you cant
  11. new justice team – bleach blonde australia policy
  12. siphilisation – afval
  13. ec80r – i don’t wanna be a part of this
  14. tactical attack – missing

talking about the riots in kalgoorlie, prison strike in the usa and global solidarity/prisoner support/prison struggles…




mon 29 august

1. ascend descend – manipulator

2. crimson scarlet – arrows

3. litter brain – go slow

4. contravene – prison sells

5. common ignorance – vultures

6. mollusc – relief

7. awsk – fancy fingers

8. iskra – ruins

9. kaliyuga – behind the bars

10. marmara streisand – I don’t have another land

11. seeds of iblis – when muslims slay muslims

12. horrisonous – bubonic terror

13. nu pogodi – the brutal depth of obscenity that frightens you most

14. no statik – destroying singularity

15. plasmatics – won’t you



The Burmese Revolutionary Student Collective is planning to open an Info-shop with a bar to support the Doh Kyoun Thar Free Education Center, Food Not Bombs programs, Book Not Bombs programs, leftist social activity and political movements..

fundrazor @ hot shots

this friday 2nd september at 6pm!!!

-Discussion with members of the R.S.C
-Food not Bombs
-Art for sale
-Bands till late

Feat Ubik, Empty Gesture, Discask…

All proceeds go straight to the R.S.C to fund the Info-shop and keep the Doh Kyoun Thar Free Education Center running!

– – – A little about the R.S.C – – –

Founded at the end of 2014 during the Democratic Education Struggle in Burma, the Revolutionary Student Collective is a radical leftist network organised by students in Yangon. Its aim is to work to promote and develop the radical leftist student platform in Burma. Our current activities include the Democratic Education Initiatives, Weekly Study Clubs, The Doh Kyoun Thar Free Education Centre and The Anti-Racist Action Group (which fights against religious discrimination directed at minority ethnic people and refugees). We’re also planning to found an info-shop as an International Platform and a safe place for Activists. This will be a community centre, cafe and library to support funding for the DKT Free Education Centre.

Short doco about The Doh Kyoun Thar Free Education Centre

mon 22 august

  1. acute – xxxxxxx
  2. chroma – intervencion y disciplina
  3. dakhma – saccharine
  4. axilism – summer is coming
  5. dispossessed – wayfarer
  6. dispossessed – gaara yaari buunming (sky has fallen)
  7. sneakin out – we did it anyway
  8. schifosi – hollow spectacle
  9. hooky – you can’t give someone a half eaten box of chocolates
  10. skarp – industrialized

squatting, the women’s refuge movement in australia, co-optation by the state and the non-profit-industrial-complex… meeting immediate needs v transformation of society…



mon 25 august

  1. agatha – rotten thrones
  2. amygdala – forever love
  3. common enemy – abuse of authority
  4. diploid – home sweet home
  5. detestation – the inhuman condition
  6. gash – civilised man
  7. grimalkin – you don’t get it
  8. pinchgut – mutual aid
  9. sick sad world – keys and rocks
  10. liquor snatch – even stevens

House acquired for East West Link

talking about the bendigo st occupation winning a court injunction against attempted eviction by the state, slutwalk melbourne and girls rock melbourne, a music camp for young women, trans and non-binary people in january