tonight’s playlist

  1. pest (narrm/so called australia) – everybody sees
  2. ubik (narrm/so called australia) – nausea
  3. talc (narrm/tarndanya/so called australia) – no
  4. nasho (cadi/so called australia) – colonial simulation
  5. morte lenta (cadi/so called australia) – morte lenta
  6. reaper (narrm/so called australia) – ride the dream
  7. lai (narrm/so called australia) – akumulasai amarah
  8. spite house (narrm/so called australia) – cult leaders
  9. rule of thirds (tarndanya/so called australia) – the cold nocturne
  10. straightjacket nation (narrm/so called australia) – death cults
  11. sial (singapore) – mundur
  12. oath (java) – saksi bisu kesakitan/terbekam
  13. axillism (narrm/so called australia) – date yrself
  14. value lasts (philippines) – wasteland
  15. trash (tarndanya/so called australia) – self-indulgence
  16. soakie (narrm/so called australia) – boys on stage
  17. the gaia (japan) – find out
  18. compos mentis (aoeteoroa) – worst crime
  19. the comes (japan) – medium
  20. the distillers (usa) – sick of it all

tonight’s show

1. migra violenta (mexico) – mata a tus idolos
2. suicidas (spain) – corriendo a ciegas
3. fancy rosy (germany) – punk police
4. 1981 (finland) – alone
5. nervosas (usa) – window
6. rai ko ris (nepal) – samaaj ko keti samaaj kaidi
7. inugami (spain) – rabia
8. milkhouse (spain) – no quiero volver
9. sju svaren ar (sweden) – allt du vill
10. insonnia (germany) – insonnia
11. demenzia kolektiva (austria) – kalles
12. R.O.B.O. (spain) – ciudad infectada
13. snigmord (denmark) – se mig
14. decision (spain) – amor entre rebeldes
15. golden staph (so called australia) – last caeser
16. TNT (switzerland) – zuri brannt
17. la fraction (france) – sirenes
18. signal lost (usa) – blurry vision
19. ura (basque country) – mirar a otro lado
20. estigia (spain) – deseos y accion
21. sado nation (usa) – mom 4 pop democracy
chatting about upcoming events, movies and “love cures all…”

last night’s show

talking about private prisons and prison expansion in so-called australia, the prison and detention industry


  1. accidente (spain) – policia no
  2. pink turds in space (northern ireland) – dear mr policeman
  3. hellsister (malaysia) – victims of police brutality
  4. chumbawumba (uk) – the police have been wonderful
  5. contravene (usa) – police bastard
  6. anti-dogmatikss (spain) – donde esta la policia?
  7. polikarpa y sus viciosas (colombia) – policia de mierda
  8. fantails (aoeteroroa) – animal cops
  9. marmara streisand (israel) – offer prison blues
  10. chin chin (switzerland) – we don’t wanna be prisoners
  11. contravene (usa) – prison sells
  12. grey places (so called australia) – acab baby
  13. tension (spain) – policia
  14. homomilitia (poland) – policja
  15. melusaate (finland) – poliisi on korruptioo
  16. contorture (sweden) – the streets were never yours
  17. agatha (usa) – right is right


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girlsradiooffensive 27/8/2018


agrimony (usa) – it’s come to this
garmonbozia (usa) – no free ride
mollusc (naarm) – no hands
reaper (naarm) – loss
dysphorika (so called australia) – noose worship
iron wind (usa) – live my life
choke cocoi (phillipines) – i.m.b.a.
toxic lipstick (so called australia) – i smoke my vomit
quick fix (so called australia) – always was
negativ (norway) – thermovisions
shadowolf (so called australia) – hex the pigs
unarm (japan) – day by day
ilkim oulanem (turkey) – hey kukla
the nurse (japan) – angel dust
boundless (naarm) – animal farm
flower (usa) – arbitrary line
ahna (xanada) – devastation
matrak attakk (belgium) – greed of the west
thorax (so called australia) – deadly insides

brief news and commentary about nauru and offshore detention, the wave hill walk off anniversary and the us prison strike…

click thry here to listen to the show

tonight’s show

talking with Creatrix Tiara about Tiara’s show Queer Lady Magician…

“Can an overly honest person be a good magician?
If you failed at something once should you never try again?
And what’s with all these straight White men in Orientalist drag?

Queer Lady Magician tells the story of Creatrix Tiara’s first love of stage magic, losing the love from failure, and revisiting her childhood passion as an adult. In the process of doing so, she is forced to confront her demons: impostor syndrome, fear of failure, trauma from emotional abuse.

Interwoven with autobiographical storytelling are acts that politicize stage magic to question norms about magic and society: assumptions about people’s identities based on their appearance, gender stereotypes of (male) Magician and (female) Assistant, cultural appropriation in magic, and much more. Serious social and personal issues are tackled with humour, silliness, saltiness, and heartfelt sincerity.

Through this show, Creatrix Tiara learns what it means to be a Queer Lady Magician, eventually taking ownership of an artform that has traditionally been dominated by straight cis able-bodied White men and making it queer, feminist, decolonial – by battling internalised and externalised oppression.”

1. abbadon incarnate (Ireland) – Fear
2. grimalkin (so called Australia) – nothing nice to say
3. graveyard orbit (narrm) – colonise
4. unsanitary napkin (aotearoa) – blissful myth
5. rats in the walls (usa) – white knight
6. romantic gorilla (japan) – make a effort
7. kohti tuhoa (finland) – massakuolema
8. lolita storm (uk) – candy
9. nao te devo nada (brazil) – terra y liberdad
10. sharkbait (so called australia) – friend and fish
11. melt banana (japan) – lie lied lies
12. G.L.O.S.S. (usa) – targets of men
13. dakhma (usa) – saccharine

Listen here

girlsradiooffensive 25jun18


gash (narrm) // the lesson
latex (us) // hopeless days
ruidosa inmundicia (austria) // nunca mas
as mercenarios (brazil) // policia
guttfull (uk) // #notallmen
hag (sweden) // fuck your money
initiate (us) // idle
pandemix (us) // faultless
pinchgut (nipaluna) // 50,000 years
spiteward (kaurna land) // assimilation pricess
skinny girl diet (uk) // silver spoon
tol eressea (france) // a tale from the eternal sea

talkin bout the ongoing Djap Wurrung campaign to save old growth trees of cultural significance and the final workshop in lasnet’s school of social change: colonisation and decolonisation series which looked at Mapuche resistance to colonisation and left theft.

click here to listen to the show!

girlsradiooffensive 18june 2018


acute (japan) // human mistake
asfixia (spain) // nuestros propios verdugos
bloodletter (so called australia) // black monday
dahkma (usa) // stumble
detestation (usa) // dying every day
hellsister (malaysia) // victims of police brutality
nasho (so called australia) // ftp
mollusc (so called australia) // no hands
body pressure (usa) // fuck your system

tonight we were talking about gendered violence against women in the wake of the deaths of eurydice dixon, qi yu and remembering many other women who have been killed. also talking about Djapwurrung traditional owners and community campaign against the removal of culturally important old growth trees along the western highway and the second workshop in lasnet’s school of social change: colonisation and decolonisation series (covering the zapatistas in chiapas, mexico).

girlsradiooffensive 11june 2018


agida (belarus) // paranoia
cloud rat (usa) // sinkhole
grimalkin (so called australia) // you dont get it
hooky (usa) // drink up
ironhawk (so called australia) // the nightmare remains
last legion alive (belgium) // from birth enslaved
migraine (usa) // bodies of violence
mythic // winter solstice
morte lenta (so called australia/brazil) // empatia
ragana (usa) // religiones

tonight we talked about the first workshop in a three part series of lasnet (latin american solidarity network)’s school of social change: colonisation and decolonisation, which looked at the history of resistance to oppression and current struggles in honduras.