girlsradiooffensive 25jun18


gash (narrm) // the lesson
latex (us) // hopeless days
ruidosa inmundicia (austria) // nunca mas
as mercenarios (brazil) // policia
guttfull (uk) // #notallmen
hag (sweden) // fuck your money
initiate (us) // idle
pandemix (us) // faultless
pinchgut (nipaluna) // 50,000 years
spiteward (kaurna land) // assimilation pricess
skinny girl diet (uk) // silver spoon
tol eressea (france) // a tale from the eternal sea

talkin bout the ongoing Djap Wurrung campaign to save old growth trees of cultural significance and the final workshop in lasnet’s school of social change: colonisation and decolonisation series which looked at Mapuche resistance to colonisation and left theft.

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Djap Wurrung Embassy needs your help

The Djap Wurrung people are fighting hard to keep culturally significant trees from being destroyed by vicroad’s expansion of the western highway. Please help by making a financial contribution to help with legal fees and on the ground support:


girlsradiooffensive 18june 2018


acute (japan) // human mistake
asfixia (spain) // nuestros propios verdugos
bloodletter (so called australia) // black monday
dahkma (usa) // stumble
detestation (usa) // dying every day
hellsister (malaysia) // victims of police brutality
nasho (so called australia) // ftp
mollusc (so called australia) // no hands
body pressure (usa) // fuck your system

tonight we were talking about gendered violence against women in the wake of the deaths of eurydice dixon, qi yu and remembering many other women who have been killed. also talking about Djapwurrung traditional owners and community campaign against the removal of culturally important old growth trees along the western highway and the second workshop in lasnet’s school of social change: colonisation and decolonisation series (covering the zapatistas in chiapas, mexico).

girlsradiooffensive 11june 2018


agida (belarus) // paranoia
cloud rat (usa) // sinkhole
grimalkin (so called australia) // you dont get it
hooky (usa) // drink up
ironhawk (so called australia) // the nightmare remains
last legion alive (belgium) // from birth enslaved
migraine (usa) // bodies of violence
mythic // winter solstice
morte lenta (so called australia/brazil) // empatia
ragana (usa) // religiones

tonight we talked about the first workshop in a three part series of lasnet (latin american solidarity network)’s school of social change: colonisation and decolonisation, which looked at the history of resistance to oppression and current struggles in honduras.



morte lenta (brazil/so called austaya) – vicio
petite (so called usa) – gentle play
ruinas (brazil) – muerte
veils (phillipines) – immaculada
thorax (so called australia) – lords of the tortured souls
soakie (so called austraya/usa) – just a girl punk band
tol eressea (france) – desesperance
trust (argentina) – egoismo
veils (phillipines) – debt/death
sete star sept (japan) – length of the shadow
rats in the walls (so called usa) – white knight
mythic (usa) – winter solstice
common ememy (socalled straya) – fear campaign
bonecruncher (aotearoa) – toxic taunt
masses (so called australia) – revenant

we were talking about Central Desert Grandmothers speaking against the removal of First Nations/Aboriginal children from their families; the proposal by the Victorian Liberal Party to implement the Nordic model in regulating the sex industry, criminalising clients and support networks of workers; and ideas around masculinity and right-wing violence/extremism

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Central Desert Grandmothers meet with Territory Families Minister Dale Wakefield (Press Conference Video)

Shut Youth Prisons Mparntwe

This week the Strong Grandmothers from the Central Desert Region met with Minister Dale Wakefield to call to an end to the ongoing Stolen Generations: Demanding she enact a Territory-wide family restoration program.

Please share. Scroll down to read our letter to the Minister.

To help with flights to Canberra so we can join the National Delegation of First Nations Grandmothers, please donate here:

Here is the letter we presented her:

Thursday 17 May 2018

Dear Minister Wakefield

We want our kids back in our care. Our kinship systems must be recognised. We know you are a part of the Family Matters – Strong communities, strong culture, stronger children. campaign and we are calling on you to enact a Territory wide restoration program to bring our children home.

We want to know the current statistics: How many children in care? How many children in detention? How many of…

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