the “lucky” country

we are taught that as people living in this country “australia” we are “lucky”. that all our wealth, our way of life, our relative freedom as we are taught to believe we have is a “lucky” chance we have happened to stumble across. with the implication that we should be grateful. that any complaining, any being unhappy, any critique of this country is ungrateful. “unaustralian”.the wealth of this country is far from luck. our lives and the way we live is not luck or chance. it is the product of over 200 years of colonisation and the development of a political and economic system that is part of a global system of colonial inequality. it is built on theft of land from indigenous people, massacre and enslavement of indigenous people, and the enslavement, poverty, land theft and enforcement of a particular lifestyle on people across the world. for this we should be grateful? there is something to be said for the line, “until all are free, no one is free”. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel grateful for the blood on my hands. I recognise I have a greater level of wealth, material ease and comfort. a greater degree of freedom, even. as a non-indigenous person in this country, anyway. but i would way rather living without the burden of the pain this “comfort” and “luck” is inflicting on everyone else, other species, and the environment. i would rather live a far more simple life where i might need to do more to meet my material needs if it meant i was living in a way that was more equal with everyone else. and that was more likely to leave a planet healthier after i leave.

what kind of freedom is it to be able to travel wherever, buy whatever, but actually have no impact whatsoever on the way you want to live, or the world you want to live in? what is the freedom to buy a tv or an iphone, add some friends on facebook, if you do so with the knowledge that while supermarkets here throw out truckloads of edible food every night, other people have been forced to use all their land to grow coffee so we are “free” to buy lattes and don’t have enough food to eat? what kind of freedom is it to be convinced of your fake superiority as a (especially white) Australian to be able to live with yourself? that the only way you can live with the guilt of your position in the global hierarchy is to buy into the crazy myths you are sold by governments, business and the mainstream media – that the poverty of others is somehow “their fault” despite the reality of colonial history and ongoing colonial economic relationships; that we lock people escaping war and persecution in offshore jails for “their benefit” rather than to preserve our economic wealth and racist ideas; that the reason you have to work every day doing shit that doesn’t mean anything so you can afford endless new cars to maintain your social status is not because companies are using you to get rich and stay rich but because poor people of colour are “stealing our jobs”. that the reason housing prices are so high and it is so difficult to get public housing is because of “immigrants” taking up too much money rather than that the government spends money on stupid nationalist shit like $3 million on Anzac memorials rather than public housing, on war rather than public housing, on election campaign propaganda so they can tell us all about how the other one sucks while giving us the same policies rather than public housing… and because houses all over the country sit empty while people wait for their value to increase so they can make ridiculous cash rather than houses existing for people to live in… lets face the reality of who is really to blame for the lives we all lead. and how our willingness to believe the bullshit makes us complicit, and lets them get away with it.

#genocidal 20. governments and business meeting up and talking behind closed doors about how to maintain the colonial relationships, slavery and continue the genocide of indigenous peoples and people of colour worldwide to turn us into mindless consumers that believe everything we are told pretending we are free and that this is our choice.this world is not my choice. its disgusting. making this clear is not ungrateful. doing something to try to stop what is going on, to change what is happening, to not buy into this system, is not ungrateful. NOT doing this is ungrateful – ungrateful to the people whose ongoing suffering this society is built on.

fuck g20. fuck racism and white supremacy. fuck colonisation.

decolonisation before profit. equality before profit. peoples lives, animals’ lives, the environment before profit.for a world with true freedom. and true equality. a life where living with integrity and the ability to feel good about yourself rather than guilty and living in denial is something worth fighting for.for truth instead of bullshit.

if we saw each other as potential friends or communities, people who could create something
better, together… maybe we’d be a little more hopeful and a little less resigned to the fact
that this is all there is. and a little less lonely, too.


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