from ferguson to australia – police uphold white supremacy everywhere

with everything that has been happening in ferguson it is worth questioning comments by people like Obama and other cop or government people to express anger over this situation in the “right” way, in a “positive” way… what they mean is to rely on the very existence of “law”, government and police that are responsible for the violence and deaths of people of colour, people with mental illness and so on everywhere to address this issue. with no cop ever successfully prosecuted for murdering people of colour in the u.s. or in Australia, and in Australia only one ever even going to trial… its unsurprising if people call bullshit on this.

calling for new royal commissions and so on into deaths in custody and killer cops misses the point entirely. the role of police is to provide the physical violence necessary to enforce white supremacist global capitalism and patriarchy world wide. the concept of the “rule of law” is the farce that this institutional system is objective and fair and put in place by systems, rather than people. people make laws. people enforce laws. this system is made and maintained by people. in Australia, the police have been the frontline of colonisation and genocide. the biggest massacres of First Nations people in Australia have been at the hands of cops. cops were the muscle that removed people from their lands, murdered people, detained them… and now incarcerates people and removes them from their communities and families. the “rule of law” are the pieces of paper written by the colonial government to say that this is all ok.

we are brainwashed to believe that we need police, surveillance, more cop powers, more CCTV to protect us… when the reality is the government and media use racism and foster fear of people of colour to justify increased police militarisation and presence to scare and force people into complying with this fucked up system, while being thankful that it exists.

a royal commission will never stop black deaths or any deaths in custody – this is an essential part of the functioning of a white supremacist capitalist system, an offshoot of enforcing the social classes and divisions of people that create tiers of slaves, workers, consumers and owners. police, from enforcing slavery to lynching to torture to imprisonment to shootings, are the force behind the brutality that is enacted particularly on people of colour and the poor worldwide.



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