suffering mind – kazdy powod wystarczajacy
state of mind fields – call of dutythe wrong – sex is dead
trash – self-indulgence
amygdala – punk has no room for mysogynists
flagitious idiosyncrasy in the dilapidation
de fatwas – don’t buy
fright wig – crazy world
g.l.o.s.s. – lined lips and spiked bats
hellsister – victims of police brutality
grimalkin – nothing nice to say
horregias – somas de amor
infect – homophobia
pincher – i don’t care
defiance, ohio – oh, susquehanna!
adacter – ubohi
apteria – shit goes on and on


2 thoughts on “GIRLS RADIO OFFENSIVE 25 MAY 2015

  1. Hello! Do ya’ll have a link for the band Pincher? or just for the track you played, pincher – i don’t care? I super liked the song but I can’t find anything for the band online. Thanks!

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