13 july 2015 playlist music special no ranting

gro show 13/7/15

katma – zivotinja
tank girl – 70 kilo nepal anar
vex machina – aunty
diploid – stolen
pinchgut – stats
abrasive relations – maxxascre at mendiola
anti-corpos – violenca
unnatural birth – retaliator
nervous habit – heavy salt
common enemy – satellite warfare
atari teenage riot – by any means necessary
amygdala – one joy will scatter 1000 sorrows
pazahora – never surrender
schifosi – in absentium
rogernomix – heavy perios
violent sects – shove your fingers down your throat
fantails – underground
hellsister – sexist bastard
kontaminari kapitalis – hak perempuan
zombie dogs – nerd the pit
gash – i hate you
nu pogodi – lost mind lost love the ultimate slave
natural glow – shooting stars
sadonation – cut off the cord
demise – inert
hooky – penelope


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