girlsradiooffensive show 3rd august 2015

music special only, no ranting haha

black table // heist

exilent // end of patience

asfixia // felicidad comprimida

kt spit // how’s the weather

natural glow // full brief

no static // we all die in the end

palmar grasp // tiered

midwife crisis // fuck the industry

yokel // mad cow revolution

punktat // why bitch

romantic gorilla // fear

sete star sept // solitary girl

apocalypstix // another fucking lovesong

agatha // the moon

antichism // foreign policy

the carnys // home and away

ultraviolet mc // freedom or death

vex machina // floreciente/florishing

sneakin’ out // gettin’ laid (ain’t easy)

fag enablerz // colony 2

galhammer // speed of blood


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