playlist 26/10/2015

accidente – policia no

aye nako – what’s eating me

bonjax – huck finn nagoya

fdp – cidade burra

klitoreas kaos – atividade subversiva

vadaat kishut – yom rishom

the insaints – last night of this world

flangipanis – my period is late

gash – civilised man

ostra brains – money pie

overrun – wet screams

agatha – heavy

health hazard – not just a nightmare

inner conflict – strenge tur

kontaminasi kapitalis – join in channel

svart magi – walking on my grave (dead moon cover)

grimalkin – nothing nice to say

bleed the pigs – inferiority

las vulpess – inkisicion

plasmatics – corruption

putkah – bringing everyone down

amygdala – forever love

gorilla angreb – astma

kaliyuga – behind the bars

radigals – jaded views

skarp – industrialised

midwife crisis – moral disorder


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