plylist. 23.11.15

trust – egoismo

putkah – bringing everyone down

parasytes – burning down the city

masochist – cold reality

class – detatchment

bring our curses home – success is theirs

archivist – escape velocity

cabin fever – recycled shit

ascend/descend – manipulator

overrun – wet screams

desforme – LCP

marmara streisand – die

stations – tension

vaadat kishut – shir atrempim

petrol girls – restless

apteria – amnesia

asfixia – felicidad comprimida

ballast – louder than words

acute – human mistake

contorture – trapped

diploid – is this the end

schifosi – in absentium

rogernomix – fear of work

rape revenge – more mosh less macho

scum system kill – water is more precious than gold

ruinas – muerte

no google link atm soz, you can listen to it on just head to the gro page and stream away


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