playlist 30nov2015

class… you differ i differ

nema… bring our curses home

parasytes… burning down the city

bastardos… this abuse (drugfucked mix)

generacion suicida… mil amores

stations… work

svart magi… horse head

prison… cigarette

adacta… hostina krys

bleed the pigs… the obsolete man in a rich man

dakhma… stumble

insidious process… asylum

grimalkin… nothing nice to say

mange… lazy fuck

palmar grasp… black flag tattoo

rogernomix… all ways a mess

sacrilege… the closing irony

spitboy… sexism impressed

find the show here:

NOTE: some people are saying they cant access the show on these links but its pretty simple, you just gotta download it by clicking on the little download icon thing, you cant stream it.


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