playlist 28/dec/2015 MUSIC SPESH

snap-her – i hate christmas

facility – like a roof that raised 4 families

grimalkin – the self/the serf

vicious irene – not yours

warkrust – odio antigo

va’adat kishut – boba shel hardcore

heavy wood – a new contagion

flagitious idiosyncrasy in the delapidation – evacuation

kiri – chatter in the skull

masochist – shame

nema – success is theirs

apteria – devolve

las otras – burocratas

mind of asian – no rain, no rainbow

osoluna – la belleza del vuelo

apocalypstix – another fucking lovesong

asfixia – felicidad comprimida

health hazard – not just a nightmare

ragana – chain reaction

stagnation in death – policja

the nurse – angel dust

insuiciety – left for dead

kill me pills – muda


you can get the show here


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