playlist 11/1/2016

wildspeaker – invasive species

walrora – punk rock can’t save our lives

rogernomix – voice of a nation

acid fast – old ideas

scum system kill – the wealthy undead

vicious irene – not yours

anomaly – liberacion

cleansing wave – let’s give up now

amygdala – it may be those who do the most, dream the most

canine – burnt out

class – back row

dakhma – eulogy

drama – open veins

ecocide – when will it end?

diploid – scratching at the walls

manger cadavre – hostil

necklacing – cannibal

nema – laws. deed. rights. and title

parasytes – burning down the city

ostra brains – adu art

putkah – tortured

ratas rabiosas – kings e o caralho

tactical attack !! – deaden us

yokel – rest in pain

vex machina – asylum



you can access the show here


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