invasion day eve show/playlist


inebrious bastard : the dying screams of a collapsing nation

midwife crisis : black label genocide

schifosi : ill winds from outopia

fantails : rorouaki

detestation : white trash genocide

earth bastard : wipe us out

putkah : invasion day

pissed on : nemesis

terra firma : here’s to you and the human race

gaze : who are we living for

pink turds in space : des the nazi

death first : country bleeds


we talked about invasion day aka australia day and australias history of colonisation and dispossession of indigenous people and why the australian national identity cant be separated from white supremacy and colonialism

if you are in melbourne check out the invasion day rally and ceremony organised by WAR

if else where in australia there are invasion day rallies in heaps of other cities

you can download/listen to the show here


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