playlist part 2 (7-8 march music spesh iwd)

pinchgut – stats

preying hands – preying hands

terror firma – here’s to you and the human race

spitboy – sexism impressed

this is my fist! – wine and cheese

vex machina – aunty

detestation – white trash genocide

zombie dogs – nerd the pit

vagina dentata – no more nice girls

sacrilege – the closing irony

putkah – homophobic state

habak – inmune al dolor

gash – god is dead

g.l.o.s.s. – masculine artifice

dogjaw – miser

contorture – corruption of the human mind

burning kitchen – pretty shitty city

hooky – drink up

apocalypstix – war in my head

ahna – living in fear

necklacing – icepick

rogernomix – dead man’s world

tactical attack!! – messyy




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