mon 11 july

  1. infantile dissention – pride and privilege
  2. threskiornis – i choose a world
  3. this is my fist! – last of the ammunition
  4. thorax – lords of the tortured spies
  5. triste fim de rosilene – a verdade e a maior mentira que existe
  6. vaadat kishut – boba shel hardcore
  7. romantic gorilla – what’s going on
  8. rats in the walls – pummeling the deceased
  9. pinchgut – dead cities
  10. awsk – epica
  11. nu pogodi – the brutal depth of obscenity that frightens you the most
  12. necklacing – icepick
  13. hex on the beach – fire mountain II
  14. diploid – thought disorder
  15. unnatural birth – retaliator
  16. apteria – shit goes on and on

talking about politics and democracy, the australian elections, the relationships between western and islamic fascism, anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism…


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