mon 4 july

  1. I’ve had enough – The Shivas
  2. Garra yarri Buunming – Sky has fallen – Dispossessed
  3. Throwing rocks in the sewer – Subtonix
  4. Gerger-Habits
  5. Lazy Girl- Macy Rodman
  6. i Really Like this Waterfall person
  7. Sinners – Mace
  8. Girls like me – Nikki and the Corvettes
  9. Hollow Girl – We’ve got a fuzzboxx and we’re gonna use it
  10. Mneumonic Hexes Demonic exes- Hextape
  11. Slave- Circle pit
  12. Red cars- Kt spit
  13. Head – Leatherdaddy
  14. Deep water – Strawberry switchblade
  15. I don’t like it – Pauline Pantsdown
  16. Little Bugs – Kt Spit

feat discussion with kt spit about label die pop supporting diy music and community outside of the “diy punk” category, especially supporting womn, queers, non-binary people making music and performance…



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