wildspeaker/survery the wreckage
witch hunt/blood red states
walrora/southern cross tatts
violent sects/the south shall never rise again
va’adat kishut/zvov
this is my fist!/voice from occupationland
thorax/deadly insides
the diamond sea/safekeeping
terror firma/these moments will burn
super8bit/kiss machine
state of minefields/know your enemy
scumsystem kill/hell hole
sacrilege/out of sight out of mind
rifle diet/just a phase
nu pogodi/lost mind,lost heart,the ultimate slave
lost world/double standards


mostly music tonight, but a call out for a radio doco we have in the works, looking for people who identify as women (in whatever way) for contributions in their experiences in punk, from when they were younger, your ideals and ideas, how that has changed over time to how you feel now, how you think that differs in relatiuon to gender and other factors and much more…
if you’d like to contribute please please please email us at

also breakdown of mess the west workshops

get into the show here


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