gro playlist 28/11/2016

galhammer (japan) – selfish selfless

f-minus (usa) – end of the line

plasmatics (usa) – corruption

hooky (usa) – penelope

no statik (usa) – we all die in the end

violent sects (usa) – this bar sucks

this is my fist! (usa) – wine and cheese

thorax (naarm/so-called australia) – the persistence of self-absorption

sick sad world (naarm/so-called australia) – xena

dogjaw (usa) – beauty

yokel (naarm/so-called australia) – punk sucks

bleed the pigs (usa) – justified

toxic lipstick (naarm/so-called australia) – totally 2 years ago

alien she (ireland) – cold brain

common enemy (naarm/so-called australia) – abuse of authority

drama (spain) – strong enough

appalachian terror unit (usa) – casualties of a rape culture

necklacing (nth america) – disease

dakhma (usa) – rien

graveyard orbit (naarm/so-called australia) – heliosphere

anti-dogmatikss (spain) – religion

last legion alive (europe) – out of the woods

fantails (aotearoa) – good cause for a piss up

d/l the show here


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