supermusikspecial episode12dec2016

tactical attack!! – confused under a bridge (naarm/so-called australia)

snor – wojna klas (sweden)

romantic gorilla – gorillaman-show (japan)

inebrious bastard – shame (so-called australia)

homomilitia – zero tolerancji (poland)

maladjusted – submission (us)

rats in the walls – pummeling the deceased (us)

putkah – bringing everyone down (naarm/so-called australia)

detestavel – banquete (brazil)

no statik – we all die in the end (us)

no, pogodi! – hibernation (uk)

parasytes – no rules (canada)

katie katty – bandit (japan)

fuera de linea – no hay razon (chile)

choke cocoi – karamihan ng tao ay (phillipines)

rogernomix – anonymous (aotearoa)

rvivr – real mean (us)

axillism – girlhate (naarm/so-called australia)

last sentence – lost order (japan)

vex machina – creator (so-called australia)

polikarpa y sus viciosas – policia de mierda (colombia)

asfixia – felicidad comprimida (spain)

barcelona – pasion (spain)

canine – burnt out (so-called australia)

mt zero – cronulla (naarm/so-called australia)

kontaminasi kapitalis – join in channel (indonesia)

contorture – still a hunger (sweden)



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