2017 gro music spesh

meinhof – system corrupt (uk)

weak wrists – train stained (usa)

amygdala – nuerodegeneration (usa)

the distillers – sick of it all (usa)

barcelona – bomba (spain)

ballast – louder than words (canada)

canine – sleepless (so-called australia)

contorture – glorified misery (sweden)

disforme – seu corpo (brazil)

detestation – white trash genocide (usa)

drama – open veins (spain)

graveyard orbit – colonise (naarm)

gorilla angreb – astma – (denmark)

ire adrift – heaven falls (usa)

meconio – tic tac (spain)

palmar grasp – thrones and defying (so-called australia)

walrora – punk rock can’t save our lives (so-called australia)

wildspeaker – survey the wreckage (usa)

rifle diet – wolf in sheep’s clothing (usa)


you can listen to the show heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere


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