playlist 13feb2017

axillism (so-called australia) – hard to cum by

detestavel (brazil) – aborto catolico

meconio (spain) – revolucio

communion of thieves (usa) – pasos libers

g.l.o.s.s. (usa) – give violence a chance

good throb (uk) – feminazi

ire adrift (usa) – hope from the sky

nervous habit (so called australia) – body without organs

pinchgut (so called australia) – stats

ruidosa inmundicia (austria) – blanco y negro

schifosi (so called australia) – ill winds from outopia

spitboy (usa) – motivated by fear

thorax (so called australia) – lords of the tortured spies

walrora (so called australia) – toothwalker

detestation (usa) – white trash genocide

grimalkin (so called australia) – spectacle

gallhammer (japan) – hallucination

downtown boys (usa) – wave of history

putkah (so called australia) – still strong

listen hereeeeee


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