playlist 27feb2017

unsanitary napkin (aotearoa)  – sweet exploitation
dara puspita (subaraya) – a go go
rogernomix (aotearoa) – punk culture
axillism (so-called australia) – summer is coming
drowning dog & malatesta (usa) – flags
abaddon incarnate (ireland) – live at a cafe in russia lol
hellsister (malaysia) – victims of police brutality
choke cocoi (phillipines) – i.m.b.a.
pazahora (singapore) – at home, at last, in fear
ayperos (indonesia) – fajar yang abadi
bloody rejects (singapore) – battered
m.i.a (sri lanka/uk) – borders
the pips (malaysia) – perempuan merdeka
grey places (so-called australia) – valhalla too soon
diamond sea (so-called australia) – heavy skies
thorax (so-called australia) – the persistence of self-absorption
palmar grasp (so-called australia) – thrones and defying

mostly giggling and playing music today, with song choices from our guest silent dj jordy! ats talked a little about what came out of the transformative justice camp from a couple weekends ago.

you can listen to us almost fall off our chairs mid-sentence here!!!


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