playlist 6/3/2017

the nurse (japan) – [japanese title]
death first (usa) – scratch the surface
kohti tuhoa (finland) – rajoitan itseani
unsanitary napkin (aotearoa) – chode crystal
rogernomix (aotearoa) – missing brain cells
axillism (so-called australia) – girl hate
dispossessed (so-called australia) – tears from gaza/wretched of the earth
awsk (so-called australia) – punk song
dakhma (usa) – saccharine
grey places (so-called australia) – acab baby
thorax (so-called australia) – grind for the invertebrates
diploid (so-called australia) – on going
death church (so-called australia) – inside struggle
aurea (venezuela) – articulando rastros de desesperanza
acute (japan) – human mistake
scum system kill (so-called australia) – hell hole
preying hands (canada) preying hands

music and talking about an “emergency response” into catholic churches… ten years since the nt intervention started…

click here to listen to the show


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