playlist 20 march 2017

hellsister (malaysia) – fight back!!
disforme (brazil) – lcp
detestation (usa) – twilight of my sanity
gaia (japan) – riot of ’14
piss (japan) – straight line
wormcast (japan) – spank me
dakhma (usa) – stromfield
grey places (so-called australia) – still life
unsanitary napkin (aotearoa) – the balls (to say what we’re all thinking)
gallhammer (japan) – lost of my self
rape revenge (canada) – more mosh, less macho
threskiornis (so-called australia) – where to from here?
wildspeaker (usa) – survey the wreckage
common enemy (so-called australia) – satellite regime
gaze (ireland) – shit with your eyes
spitboy (usa) – the threat
ire adrift (usa) – attonement

click here to listen to the show



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