girlsradiooffensive 10april2017

agida (belarus) – infallibility
mt zero (so-called australia) – your own good
threskiornis (so-called australia) – land stolen
migraine (usa) – bodies of violence
latex (usa) – social suicide
lost world (germany) – they can’t care
IDDQD (israel) – the devil’s order
kaliyuga (france) – time to change
amygdala (usa) – nuerodegeneration
burnchurch (canada) – silent wars
barcelona (spain) – nada
grimalkin (so-called australia) – spectacle
canine (so-called australia) – burnt out
bleed the pigs (usa) – the obsolete man is a rich man
communion of theives (usa) – beauty beyond an image
detestavel (brazil) – towanda!
insonia (brazil) – familia nao significa nada
snor (sweden) – aguirre
kt spit (so-called australia) – little bugs

today we talked a little about border control in regards to a palestinian activist being denied entry to australia recently, and talked about not talking about sex.

you can stream the show by clicking here


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