mon 24 april

1. apteria – its my fault they died (so-called australia)

2. kt spit – hope st (so-called australia)

3. masses – sirens (so-called australia)

4. ubik – touch off (so-called australia)

5. callan – you’re hurting me (so-called australia)

6. trashley – bring the way home (france)

7. hellsister – killing sisters (malaysia)

8. choke cocoi (i.m.b.a.) – phillipines

9. acute – human mistake (japan)

10. adacta – otrok vrahom (slovakia)

11. motim – etnoicidio (brazil)

12. ansia – parassita (so-called australia)

13. mollusc – anxiety (so-called australia)

14. tank girl – 70 kilo nepal (nepal)

talking about anzac day and the frontier wars… lest we forget and lest we remember… the power of history and denial in ensuring the continuation of colonisation, genocide and oppression



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