girlsradiooffensive may 1st 2017

axe rash (sweden) – hit me in the face
exotica (usa) – leech
muffler (so-called australia) – act of terror
nervous habit (so-called australia) – heavy salt
insonia (brazil) – mate seus idolos
scumraid (south korea) – madness of mind
abjection (usa) – dead inside
divide & dissolve (so-called australia/usa) – wry
meinhof (uk) – fear of the future
systemic (so-called australia) – constellations
ascend/descend (usa) – manipulator
class (italy) – up to you
gallhammer (japan) – friction
migraine (usa) – hook, line, sinker
terror firma (so-called australia) – death of escapism
deer in the headlights (bosnia) – basement of memories
gash (so-called australia) – the lesson
gattaca (czech republic) – deg vsem co chteji (give everyone what they want)
hooky (usa) – you can’t give someone a half eaten box of chocolates
pinchgut (so-called australia) – stats

click here to listen to the show!


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