playlist 22 may 2017

maldita (canada) – destruye
bloodletter (brisbane) – metropolis
omerta (canada) – malicious intent
landbridge (usa) – nothing sacred
exotica (usa) – leech
rogernomix (nz) – all ways a mess
scum system kill (so-called australia) – cockatoo carcasses for the revolution
girl in a coma (usa) – si una vez
clit eastwood (usa) – old farts suck
clit eastwood (usa) – the prog song
thorax (sydney) – deadly insides
walrora (so-called australia) – southern cross tatts
the asexxxuals (usa) – cunts like you
project armageddon – tides of doom
va’adat kishut (israel) – yom rishon
fallow ground (so-called australia) – half alive
death church (sydney) – betrayal
common enemy (byron bay/lismore) – nation of hate
canine (sydney) – seasons pass
belgrado (spain) – vicious circle

guest dj renee helped choose some of the tracks tonight, all from her home state of texas in the usa

click here to listen to the show


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