winter music special 3 july 2017 playlist

amygdala (usa) – forever love
last legion alive (belgium) – out in the woods
agida (belarus) – we can’t avoid it
malevah (brazil) – sedentos
motim (brazil) – processo de inferiorizacao
no static (usa) – never be a martyr
ails (usa) – the seven
misantropic (sweden) – going down
thorax (so called australia) – deadly insides
pest (so called australia) – dogma
tactical attack (so called australia) – exterior
gaia (japan) – riot of ’14
vex machina (so called australia) – asylum
walrora (so called australia) – punk rock can’t save our lives
wildspeaker (usa) – clarity
yokel (so called australia) – punk sucks
choke cocoi (phillipines) – i.m.b.a
kt spit (so called australia) – angels again
gattaca (czech republic) – prijdeme znovu (wel will come back)

click here to listen to the show


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