playlist 27/3/2017

priests (usa) – pink white horse
shot! (usa) – one too many times
callan (so-called australia) – the most beautiful girl in the world
dakhma (usa) – parasomnia
divide and dissolve (usa/so-called australia) – 3.14
girl brains (usa) – heinous
trashley (usa) – bring the war home
correspondences (usa) – christmas (baby please don’t go)
malevah (brazil) – sedentos
ubik (so-called australia) – shiver
makiladoras (netherlands) – werk is religie

critiquing the collective shout campaign to ban topless waitressing in a pub in w.a in the name of feminism!!

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playlist 20 march 2017

hellsister (malaysia) – fight back!!
disforme (brazil) – lcp
detestation (usa) – twilight of my sanity
gaia (japan) – riot of ’14
piss (japan) – straight line
wormcast (japan) – spank me
dakhma (usa) – stromfield
grey places (so-called australia) – still life
unsanitary napkin (aotearoa) – the balls (to say what we’re all thinking)
gallhammer (japan) – lost of my self
rape revenge (canada) – more mosh, less macho
threskiornis (so-called australia) – where to from here?
wildspeaker (usa) – survey the wreckage
common enemy (so-called australia) – satellite regime
gaze (ireland) – shit with your eyes
spitboy (usa) – the threat
ire adrift (usa) – attonement

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playlist 6/3/2017

the nurse (japan) – [japanese title]
death first (usa) – scratch the surface
kohti tuhoa (finland) – rajoitan itseani
unsanitary napkin (aotearoa) – chode crystal
rogernomix (aotearoa) – missing brain cells
axillism (so-called australia) – girl hate
dispossessed (so-called australia) – tears from gaza/wretched of the earth
awsk (so-called australia) – punk song
dakhma (usa) – saccharine
grey places (so-called australia) – acab baby
thorax (so-called australia) – grind for the invertebrates
diploid (so-called australia) – on going
death church (so-called australia) – inside struggle
aurea (venezuela) – articulando rastros de desesperanza
acute (japan) – human mistake
scum system kill (so-called australia) – hell hole
preying hands (canada) preying hands

music and talking about an “emergency response” into catholic churches… ten years since the nt intervention started…

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playlist 27feb2017

unsanitary napkin (aotearoa)  Рsweet exploitation
dara puspita (subaraya) – a go go
rogernomix (aotearoa) – punk culture
axillism (so-called australia) – summer is coming
drowning dog & malatesta (usa) – flags
abaddon incarnate (ireland) – live at a cafe in russia lol
hellsister (malaysia) – victims of police brutality
choke cocoi (phillipines) – i.m.b.a.
pazahora (singapore) – at home, at last, in fear
ayperos (indonesia) – fajar yang abadi
bloody rejects (singapore) – battered
m.i.a (sri lanka/uk) – borders
the pips (malaysia) – perempuan merdeka
grey places (so-called australia) – valhalla too soon
diamond sea (so-called australia) – heavy skies
thorax (so-called australia) – the persistence of self-absorption
palmar grasp (so-called australia) – thrones and defying

mostly giggling and playing music today, with song choices from our guest silent dj jordy! ats talked a little about what came out of the transformative justice camp from a couple weekends ago.

you can listen to us almost fall off our chairs mid-sentence here!!!

playlist 13feb2017

axillism (so-called australia) – hard to cum by

detestavel (brazil) – aborto catolico

meconio (spain) – revolucio

communion of thieves (usa) – pasos libers

g.l.o.s.s. (usa) – give violence a chance

good throb (uk) – feminazi

ire adrift (usa) – hope from the sky

nervous habit (so called australia) – body without organs

pinchgut (so called australia) – stats

ruidosa inmundicia (austria) – blanco y negro

schifosi (so called australia) – ill winds from outopia

spitboy (usa) – motivated by fear

thorax (so called australia) – lords of the tortured spies

walrora (so called australia) – toothwalker

detestation (usa) – white trash genocide

grimalkin (so called australia) – spectacle

gallhammer (japan) – hallucination

downtown boys (usa) – wave of history

putkah (so called australia) – still strong

listen hereeeeee

girlsradiooffensive 6feb2017

threskiornis – land stolen (so-called australia)

surge – tantrums (ireland)

communion of thieves – black earth (us)

rvivr – real mean (us)

systemic – constellations (so-called australia)

migraine – bodies of violence (us)

mt zero – your own good (so-called australia)

agida – infallibility (belarus)

gaze – fuck you, fuck off (ireland)

la ligne maginot – der zug (austria)

noskill – cego comodismo (brazil)

landbridge – inverntors of sin (us)

diploid – nothing left (so-called australia)

derrumbando defensas – un paso adelante (chile)

gash – all that shit (so-called australia)

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