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talking with petra and friends about fatphobia, what it means and the different ways fatphobia manifests in society, social groups and communities…


1. miss blanks (so called australia) – clap clap

2. tank grrl (nepal) – 70 kilo nepal

3. the slits (uk) – shoplifting

4. geryon (so called australia) – somehow

5. axillism (so called australia) – escapism

6. miss blanks (so called australia) – skinny bitches

7. agatha (usa) – no future

8. apocalipstix (uk) – war in my head

9. kt spit (so called australia) – red cars

10. bleed the pigs (usa) – justified

11. habits (so called australia) – reverend mother

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girls radio offensive 14/10/2017

contenders (aotearoa) – candles
hedge fund traders (aotearoa) – an emptiness
just busted (so called usa) – the infection
ancient emblem (basque country) – stolen symbols
muffler (so called australia) – rat plague
ubik (so called australia) – simple thing
downtown boys (so called usa) – wave of history
gash (so called australia) – world turmoil
G.L.O.S.S (so called usa) – masculine artifice
nervous habit (so called australia) – bridges
primary stress (so called canada) – to whatever end
surge (ireland) – cut it out
the diamond sea (so called australia) – through the trees
unsanitary napkin (aotearoa) – scripted fist
body pressure (so called usa) – fuck your system

speaking with rei who has organised ‘thrive symposium’ about the upcoming event and what led to its creation…

THRIVE is a sane response to the insane circumstances of being a human on the planet at this time. Bombarded daily by evidence of social, political and environmental calamity and increasingly burdened by the tyranny of perfection we are burning out, falling down and switching off. When caring deeply about the world is so painful, apathy becomes not only attractive but necessary for survival. So what would it take for us to thrive?

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Workshop 7: Principles and Frameworks for Accountability 

Monday 30 October 2016

33 Saxon Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3056

6:30 – 9pm

This panel discussion will engage various frameworks used to approach individual and community accountability and change. Drawing from extensive experience in diverse fields, each speaker will present on different ideas and strategies of accountability. There are both overlaps and tensions between these different principles and frameworks, and we hope to create a generative space to share and value diverse ways of thinking about accountability.

Speakers include:

Kirra Voller – Shut Youth Prisons Mparntwe

Kirra Voller is a proud Wirangu woman and musician. She lives in Mbantua raising her young family, and works advocating for young people and the abolition of youth prisons. She works alongside grandmothers who are traditional owners in central Australia advocating for aboriginal led alternatives to prison.

On the panel, Kirra will discuss alternatives to incarceration for young people and culturally appropriate responses for indigenous youth; including taking young people out to homelands.

We are very excited and privileged to have Kirra in Narrm/Melbourne for this panel.
Ada Conroy

Ada has extensive experience in the family violence sector and in facilitating Men’s Behaviour Change programs.

Ada will discuss core beliefs held by male perpetrators and how we can identify attitudes that underpin abusive behaviours and support violence against women
Lauren Caulfield 

Lauren is a community organiser whose work focuses on interpersonal and state-based gender violence and community-based responses to violence.

She has worked in the area of gendered and intimate partner violence in both community and agency settings for about 15 years, in community accountability responses and violence prevention, refuge and crisis support work and advocacy, and later in training and research. Her research centres on community-based interventions to violence, intersections between interpersonal and state-sanctioned violence (including the violence of the prison industrial complex) and the nexus of racialised and gendered violence. Lauren worked (with a collective of great humans) to establish the Melbourne Transformative Justice Network, and currently works on the Police Accountability Project (Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre) and with the Abolitionist and Transformative Justice Centre. She will be talking about community-based frameworks for violence prevention, intervention and accountability, with a focus on supporting survivors of family violence and sexual assault.”
Marisa Sposaro 

Marisa is a human rights advocate and prisoner support advocate. Marisa is a broadcaster for ‘Doin Time’, a show on 3CR Community Radio presenting information and discussion around issues faced by prisoners in the criminal justice system and migration.

For this panel, Marisa will discuss frameworks for the work they do with criminalised people, why they do the radio show ‘doin time’ and the importance of support and solidarity with criminalised people.
Anthony Lekkas

Anthony Lekkas is a counsellor and family violence practitioner at the Victorian Aids Council. He has worked in the not-for-profit community services sector for 14 years, as well as in private practice.

Anthony will discuss the work VAC are doing with same-sex attracted men in family violence perpetrator programs with a particular focus on the importance of working from an accountability framework by centralising victim/ survivor voices in all aspects of service provision and developing a formal observer program. Anthony will share the challenges and growth areas VAC have encounterd with this framework.

Anthony – Flemington Kensington Legal and Police Accountability Project

It terms of the police accountability project work we predominately apply state, institutional or legal forms of accountability upon the police – human Rights , legislative, rule of law, as well as apply ‘accountability’ via the civil courts . We also leverage various forms of moral, ethical and community based mechanisms in various ways. Anthony will also discuss Gay and lesbian / Queer Street Patrols, Aboriginal Night Patrols  and some other plethora of community patrols / safety projects / police alternative projects.

If you are unable to attend the workshop, the materials used will be posted following the workshop at the following link:

playlist 17/10/2017

hedge fund traders (aotearoa) – they live
domesticated (so called canada) – tactile vertigo
abjections (so called usa) – night scum
makiladoras (holland) – buiten schot
oath (indonesia) – filthy faith
pretty riot (indonesia) – love and pride
apteria (so called australia) – dreams of resistance
ragana (so called usa) – you take nothing
detestation (so called usa) – the inhuman condition
putkah (so called australia) – nation of hatred
rvivr (so called usa) – cold in your bones
sick sad world (so called australia) – the game
hordes of the black cross (so called australia) – voidmorn
pest (so called australia) – no end
wildspeaker (so called usa) – invasive species
ecocide (so called australia) – when will it end
deer in the headlights (bosnia) – basement of memories


girlsradiooffensive 9 october 2017

spike girls (so called canada) – spike up yer life
axillism (so called australia) – no fucks
canine (so called australia) – burnt out
mollusc (so called australia) – anxiety
manger cadavre (brazil) – existimos
sissy (ireland) – sail and rail
black table (so called usa) – to tear down
girl scouts (costa rica) – creepy blunt
las otras (catalonia) – fronteras
circuits (so called australia) – stations
grimalkin (so called australia) – deluge
the nurse (japan) – ナースまたたび
ec 8 or (germany) – i don’t wanna be a part of this

featuring a talk by Kristy Lee Horswood from Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance at LASNET Indigenous and Grassroots Social Movements Solidarity Gathering, from a panel held on 8 October in Naarm entitled First Nations Struggles, Culture, Land, Cosmovisions: Denouncing repression, militarisation and extractivist neoliberal polices (more recordings from this conference to be available soon)

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ShutYouthPrisons fundraiser this coming Saturday 14 October
@ Hot Shots, Cnr Nicholson and Buckley Streets, Footscray (enter via carpark off Nicholson)
Entry $10, Doors 8pm
Canine (Syd), Outright, Enzyme, Axillism, Tactical Attack, Hextape
All money raised goes to ShutYouthPrisons

What’s the purpose of prison? — Shut Youth Prisons Mparntwe

In response to the current scrutiny of the justice system in the NT and across Australia, a panel of notable key speakers will discuss the purpose of prison, in Alice Springs Thursday September 28th 2017. Speakers include: Christine Palmer, Kngwarraye grandmother from the Kaytetye & Arrente tribal group. Counsellor with over 30 years’ experience; Debbie […]

via What’s the purpose of prison? — Shut Youth Prisons Mparntwe

music spesh 25 sept 2017

after the bombs (so called canada) – this hell
battery humans (so called australia) – slave
axillism (so called australia) – abolish the abomination in my abdomen
kt spit (so called australia) – angels again
canine (so called australia) – seasons pass
class (italy) – up to you
ahna (so called canada) – living in fear
passing (so called australia) – and then we washed away
mock order (ireland/so called canada) – sleep anxiety
contravene (so called usa) – prison cells
deer in the headlights (bosnia) – dying city
gash (so called australia) – god is dead
surge (ireland) – more than two sides
osedax (so called australia) – we put a hex on your xxx
weak wrists (so called usa) – nausea
gattaca (czech republic) – again they are taking nooses out
hellsister (malaysia) – [track 2 from sista death squad]
motim (brazil) – processo de inferiorizacao
ura (spain) – la raiz
pinchgut (so called australia) – stats
schifosi (so called australia) – the backlash

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