girlsradiooffensive 15/1/2018

gouge away (so called usa) – disease
contenders (aotearoa) – dole tweaker
sial (singapore) – lalai
glory hole (so called australia) – undone
grimalkin (so called australia) – you don’t get it
infantile dissention (so called canada) – demonized
s-21 (so called usa) – year zero
pest (so called australia) – reactor
omerta (so called canada) – malicious intent
kiri (so called australia) – highbrow
konrtaminasi kapitalis (indonesia) – hak perempuan
ultraviolet mc (so called australia) – freedom or death
thorax (so called australia) – the persistance of self absorption
trash (so called australia) – self indulgence

featuring a presentation by Kristy Lee Horswood, Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance at the Indigenous and Grassroots Movements Solidarity Gathering held in Narrm on October 7th 2017.

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girlsradiooffensive 8/1/2018

just busted (usa) – feel our defence
apteria (so called australia) – dreams of resistance
circuits (so called australia) – our hostile landscape
divide & dissolve (so called australia) – assimilation
gallhammer (japan) – killed by the queen
adacta (slovakia) – ubohi
downtown boys (usa) – wave of history
disforme (brazil) – seu corpo
gattaca (czech republic) – gulag
bleed the pigs (usa) – endless raid
dispossessed (so called australia) – black panther
fantails (aotearoa) – rororuaki
this is my fist! (usa) – biblethumpers

also talking with takiaya from divide and dissolve about the music, upcoming tours and destroying white supremacy

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girls radio offensive 11/12/17

spike girls (so called canada) – bowl burner
rata negra (spain) – panico
parasytes (so called canada) – melting brain
the comes (japan) – panic
no statik (so called usa) – surrogate
new justice team (so called australia) – bleach blonde australia policy
ball busters (so called australia) – patriarchal punks
divide & dissolve (so called australia) – WRY
crystal myth (so called australia) – dark web
natural glow (aotearoa) – shooting stars
rhizome (so called usa) – facade
romantic gorilla (japan) – crisis
fedra (colombia) – the queen of darkness

talking with river and karen from ballbusters about the band, their experiences and what they want to see…

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playlist 27/11/2017

boudicca (so called australia) – rut
battery humans (so called australia) – slave
passing (so called australia) – the self is a river
abrasive relations (phillipines) – massacre at mendiola
awsk (so called australia) – fancy fingers
crimson scarlet (so called usa) – rouge corpse
hedge fund trader (aotearoa) – one for one
gattaca (czech republic) – war for illusions
gallhammer (japan) – hallucination
dispossessed (so called australia) – tears from gaza/wretched of the earth
fastbacks (so called usa) – waste of time
homewreckas (so called australia) – no security i’m not fucken ok
kaliuga (france) – behind the bars
la luna (so called canada) – never talk, only shame
burning kitchen (sweden) – pretty shitty city

talked about manus island stand off and some other stuff..
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Undercurrent Vic – recording of the panel frameworks for individual and community accountability —

Here is the link to the panel recording from the last workshop in the series Abuse, support and accountability. The panel explored different frameworks for individual and community accountability.

via Undercurrent Vic – recording of the panel frameworks for individual and community accountability —

tonight’s show

talking with petra and friends about fatphobia, what it means and the different ways fatphobia manifests in society, social groups and communities…


1. miss blanks (so called australia) – clap clap

2. tank grrl (nepal) – 70 kilo nepal

3. the slits (uk) – shoplifting

4. geryon (so called australia) – somehow

5. axillism (so called australia) – escapism

6. miss blanks (so called australia) – skinny bitches

7. agatha (usa) – no future

8. apocalipstix (uk) – war in my head

9. kt spit (so called australia) – red cars

10. bleed the pigs (usa) – justified

11. habits (so called australia) – reverend mother

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