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Girls Radio Offensive Compilation Vol. 2

Girls Radio Offensive Compilation Tape Vol. 2 available to download or order online!

Comes with lyric booklet with links to sites to find more music from each band.

All funds go to supporting the Mapuche-Aboriginal Struggles for Indigenous Land exchange project, aimed to create networks and inspiration between first nations people struggling against colonisation and genocide in Australia and Chile.

Girls Radio Offensive Compilation Vol. 2

The Girls Radio Offensive Compilation Vol. 2 is out now!!

Compilation of 25 currently playing punk bands from around Australia, put together as a fundraiser for the Mapuche-Aboriginal Struggles for Indigenous Land project. All proceeds will go directly to this project. See for more info.

See booklet included for band info, links to band sites and lyrics.

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playlist 28/9/2015

  1. agatha – rotten thrones
  2. grimalkin – spectacle
  3. lost world – rainforest downfall
  4. nervous habit – heavy salt
  5. mental distress – i’d rather die than listen to nofx
  6. eiefits – flashback
  7. sick sad world – i’d rather be a pc faggot than a homophobic dickhead
  8. this is my fist – wine & cheese
  9. thorax – the persistance of self absorption
  10. sindrome pre menstrual – la sociedad
  11. vex machina – asylum
  12. melt banana – zero
  13. gaze – who are we living for
  14. gash – god is dead
  15. porco dio – halu vaitarve
  16. evazija – like a weed
  17. katma – noaono
  18. detox – bombsucker

GRO Show 17 August 2015

  1. barcelona – pasion
  2. erial – eclipse
  3. mujercitos – cinco ideas para acabar con el kapital
  4. q4u – creeps
  5. fifth column – all women are bitches
  6. hang on the box – there is a city
  7. melt banana – lies lied lies
  8. rebecca lane – bandera negra
  9. bleed the pigs – white washed
  10. destruye y huye – fuck ted bundy
  11. ecocide – proverb
  12. gash – civilized man
  13. life chain – side b
  14. rape revenge – more mosh less macho
  15. rogernomix – anonymous

girlsradiooffensive playlist 27 july 2015

midwife crisis – question your media

pissed on – glorious beloved leader

nu pogodi – the brutal depth of obscenity that frightens you most

apteria – shit goes on and on

schifosi – a life overdue

terror firma – i’d still love you even if sharks bit off your face

amygdala – one joy will scatter a hundred sorrows

pinchgut – stats

kaliyuga – behind the bars

trash – self-indulgence

yokel – punk sucks

i object! – give me 30 seconds and 3 chords to explain myself

zombie dogs – brain crush

thorax – penetrate my deep oceanic abyss

glory hole – new york nights

local punk bands to check out!!!

here are some links to local australian punk bands to check out…

Grimalkin – adelaide black metal:

Diploid – melbourne punk

Midwife Crisis – brisbane punk

Earthbastard – crust from perth

Apteria – adelaide crust

100% – brisbane post punk

Pissed On – brisbane punk