playlist 22 may 2017

maldita (canada) – destruye
bloodletter (brisbane) – metropolis
omerta (canada) – malicious intent
landbridge (usa) – nothing sacred
exotica (usa) – leech
rogernomix (nz) – all ways a mess
scum system kill (so-called australia) – cockatoo carcasses for the revolution
girl in a coma (usa) – si una vez
clit eastwood (usa) – old farts suck
clit eastwood (usa) – the prog song
thorax (sydney) – deadly insides
walrora (so-called australia) – southern cross tatts
the asexxxuals (usa) – cunts like you
project armageddon – tides of doom
va’adat kishut (israel) – yom rishon
fallow ground (so-called australia) – half alive
death church (sydney) – betrayal
common enemy (byron bay/lismore) – nation of hate
canine (sydney) – seasons pass
belgrado (spain) – vicious circle

guest dj renee helped choose some of the tracks tonight, all from her home state of texas in the usa

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gro 8 may 2017 melb diy music special

all music on today’s show is from the melbourne area, some bands current, others long gone…

axillism – summer is coming
masses – the centre cannot hold
mt zero – bystander
tactical attack!! – come in to my room (just to talk)
systemic – rotting
ansia – parassita
mollusc – relief
spawn – 420 stoned over
hextape – make him suffer
umbilical tentacle – crustacean embrace
hex on the beach – fire mountain II
hordes of the black cross – evoker of flesh
schifosi – post genocide syndrome
terror firma – here’s to you and the human race
kt spit – come thru
gash – all that shit
diploid – meaningless existence

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girlsradiooffensive may 1st 2017

axe rash (sweden) – hit me in the face
exotica (usa) – leech
muffler (so-called australia) – act of terror
nervous habit (so-called australia) – heavy salt
insonia (brazil) – mate seus idolos
scumraid (south korea) – madness of mind
abjection (usa) – dead inside
divide & dissolve (so-called australia/usa) – wry
meinhof (uk) – fear of the future
systemic (so-called australia) – constellations
ascend/descend (usa) – manipulator
class (italy) – up to you
gallhammer (japan) – friction
migraine (usa) – hook, line, sinker
terror firma (so-called australia) – death of escapism
deer in the headlights (bosnia) – basement of memories
gash (so-called australia) – the lesson
gattaca (czech republic) – deg vsem co chteji (give everyone what they want)
hooky (usa) – you can’t give someone a half eaten box of chocolates
pinchgut (so-called australia) – stats

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mon 24 april

1. apteria – its my fault they died (so-called australia)

2. kt spit – hope st (so-called australia)

3. masses – sirens (so-called australia)

4. ubik – touch off (so-called australia)

5. callan – you’re hurting me (so-called australia)

6. trashley – bring the way home (france)

7. hellsister – killing sisters (malaysia)

8. choke cocoi (i.m.b.a.) – phillipines

9. acute – human mistake (japan)

10. adacta – otrok vrahom (slovakia)

11. motim – etnoicidio (brazil)

12. ansia – parassita (so-called australia)

13. mollusc – anxiety (so-called australia)

14. tank girl – 70 kilo nepal (nepal)

talking about anzac day and the frontier wars… lest we forget and lest we remember… the power of history and denial in ensuring the continuation of colonisation, genocide and oppression


girlsradiooffensive 10april2017

agida (belarus) – infallibility
mt zero (so-called australia) – your own good
threskiornis (so-called australia) – land stolen
migraine (usa) – bodies of violence
latex (usa) – social suicide
lost world (germany) – they can’t care
IDDQD (israel) – the devil’s order
kaliyuga (france) – time to change
amygdala (usa) – nuerodegeneration
burnchurch (canada) – silent wars
barcelona (spain) – nada
grimalkin (so-called australia) – spectacle
canine (so-called australia) – burnt out
bleed the pigs (usa) – the obsolete man is a rich man
communion of theives (usa) – beauty beyond an image
detestavel (brazil) – towanda!
insonia (brazil) – familia nao significa nada
snor (sweden) – aguirre
kt spit (so-called australia) – little bugs

today we talked a little about border control in regards to a palestinian activist being denied entry to australia recently, and talked about not talking about sex.

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playlist 27/3/2017

priests (usa) – pink white horse
shot! (usa) – one too many times
callan (so-called australia) – the most beautiful girl in the world
dakhma (usa) – parasomnia
divide and dissolve (usa/so-called australia) – 3.14
girl brains (usa) – heinous
trashley (usa) – bring the war home
correspondences (usa) – christmas (baby please don’t go)
malevah (brazil) – sedentos
ubik (so-called australia) – shiver
makiladoras (netherlands) – werk is religie

critiquing the collective shout campaign to ban topless waitressing in a pub in w.a in the name of feminism!!

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playlist 20 march 2017

hellsister (malaysia) – fight back!!
disforme (brazil) – lcp
detestation (usa) – twilight of my sanity
gaia (japan) – riot of ’14
piss (japan) – straight line
wormcast (japan) – spank me
dakhma (usa) – stromfield
grey places (so-called australia) – still life
unsanitary napkin (aotearoa) – the balls (to say what we’re all thinking)
gallhammer (japan) – lost of my self
rape revenge (canada) – more mosh, less macho
threskiornis (so-called australia) – where to from here?
wildspeaker (usa) – survey the wreckage
common enemy (so-called australia) – satellite regime
gaze (ireland) – shit with your eyes
spitboy (usa) – the threat
ire adrift (usa) – attonement

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