tonight’s show

1. migra violenta (mexico) – mata a tus idolos
2. suicidas (spain) – corriendo a ciegas
3. fancy rosy (germany) – punk police
4. 1981 (finland) – alone
5. nervosas (usa) – window
6. rai ko ris (nepal) – samaaj ko keti samaaj kaidi
7. inugami (spain) – rabia
8. milkhouse (spain) – no quiero volver
9. sju svaren ar (sweden) – allt du vill
10. insonnia (germany) – insonnia
11. demenzia kolektiva (austria) – kalles
12. R.O.B.O. (spain) – ciudad infectada
13. snigmord (denmark) – se mig
14. decision (spain) – amor entre rebeldes
15. golden staph (so called australia) – last caeser
16. TNT (switzerland) – zuri brannt
17. la fraction (france) – sirenes
18. signal lost (usa) – blurry vision
19. ura (basque country) – mirar a otro lado
20. estigia (spain) – deseos y accion
21. sado nation (usa) – mom 4 pop democracy
chatting about upcoming events, movies and “love cures all…”

tonight’s show

talking with Creatrix Tiara about Tiara’s show Queer Lady Magician…

“Can an overly honest person be a good magician?
If you failed at something once should you never try again?
And what’s with all these straight White men in Orientalist drag?

Queer Lady Magician tells the story of Creatrix Tiara’s first love of stage magic, losing the love from failure, and revisiting her childhood passion as an adult. In the process of doing so, she is forced to confront her demons: impostor syndrome, fear of failure, trauma from emotional abuse.

Interwoven with autobiographical storytelling are acts that politicize stage magic to question norms about magic and society: assumptions about people’s identities based on their appearance, gender stereotypes of (male) Magician and (female) Assistant, cultural appropriation in magic, and much more. Serious social and personal issues are tackled with humour, silliness, saltiness, and heartfelt sincerity.

Through this show, Creatrix Tiara learns what it means to be a Queer Lady Magician, eventually taking ownership of an artform that has traditionally been dominated by straight cis able-bodied White men and making it queer, feminist, decolonial – by battling internalised and externalised oppression.”

1. abbadon incarnate (Ireland) – Fear
2. grimalkin (so called Australia) – nothing nice to say
3. graveyard orbit (narrm) – colonise
4. unsanitary napkin (aotearoa) – blissful myth
5. rats in the walls (usa) – white knight
6. romantic gorilla (japan) – make a effort
7. kohti tuhoa (finland) – massakuolema
8. lolita storm (uk) – candy
9. nao te devo nada (brazil) – terra y liberdad
10. sharkbait (so called australia) – friend and fish
11. melt banana (japan) – lie lied lies
12. G.L.O.S.S. (usa) – targets of men
13. dakhma (usa) – saccharine

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tonights playlist

1 klasse kriminal (italy) – construito in italia

2 acute (japan) – stimulation of the central nervous system

3 destruye y huye (usa) – dessesperacion

4 graveyard orbit (so called australia) – clones for the game

5 kt spit (so called australia) – hope st

6 iskra (canada) – predator drone

7 infect (brazil) – homophobia

8 manger cadavre (brazil) – existimos

9 polikarpa y sus viciosas (colombia) – planeta en destruccion

10 petnaesti ceh (poland) – nijem

11 natural glow (aoeteroa) – full brief

12 melt banana (japan) – lie lied lies

13 apatia no (venezuela) – ya basta

14 the gaia (japan) – find out

15 aenygmist (canada) – clandestin

mon 24 april

1. apteria – its my fault they died (so-called australia)

2. kt spit – hope st (so-called australia)

3. masses – sirens (so-called australia)

4. ubik – touch off (so-called australia)

5. callan – you’re hurting me (so-called australia)

6. trashley – bring the way home (france)

7. hellsister – killing sisters (malaysia)

8. choke cocoi (i.m.b.a.) – phillipines

9. acute – human mistake (japan)

10. adacta – otrok vrahom (slovakia)

11. motim – etnoicidio (brazil)

12. ansia – parassita (so-called australia)

13. mollusc – anxiety (so-called australia)

14. tank girl – 70 kilo nepal (nepal)

talking about anzac day and the frontier wars… lest we forget and lest we remember… the power of history and denial in ensuring the continuation of colonisation, genocide and oppression


radio doco – want to be interviewed?

we are making a multi-part radio documentary about women’s experiences of getting older in “punk” (by women we mean all those who identify as female) – whatever that has meant to them. we wanna talk to people about why they first got involved in punk, in what way they got involved, what their experiences were as younger women, and how that has changed over time. why people are still involved or why they are not, what they get out of it or what they would have wanted. we want to know how broader stereotypes about women and aging have affected people’s experiences in “punk” – has gender affected experiences of aging in the scene? has “youth culture” affected other male friends differently? and lastly what would you want from a “punk” scene or community?


if you are interested in being part of the documentary please email us


we can interview people in person in melbourne or can also arrange interviews by phone


look forward to hearing your stories…

Girls Radio Offensive Compilation Vol. 2

Girls Radio Offensive Compilation Tape Vol. 2 available to download or order online!

Comes with lyric booklet with links to sites to find more music from each band.

All funds go to supporting the Mapuche-Aboriginal Struggles for Indigenous Land exchange project, aimed to create networks and inspiration between first nations people struggling against colonisation and genocide in Australia and Chile.